Lazy in Stuttgart with Adamo & Vicci and Rachel Cassandra


***What a fantastic weekend! Thanks to all for beeing with us!!!***


Dear Blues Dancers - Do you like it nice and cosy? For you, does blues dancing mean meditation, relaxation, and pure joy? Have you been dancing for quite a while and are you looking forward to every chance to dance? Are you comfortable with the concept of leading and following? Do you enjoy improvising to the music and adapting to both a new dance partner and the music with each and every new song? Do you always wanted to find out more about how to have even more relaxed dances, how to savor every movement and become one with the music?

Then Lazy Blues is your perfect match!!!

Your teachers will be Adamo & Vicci and Rachel Cassandra!

When: 23. - 25. November 2018

Where: Stuttgart, Germany


***SOLD OUT***


Here is something to get you into the right mood for Lazy Blues:

Lazy Blues by Marcia Ball

I'm Lazy, That's All by Catherine Russell


We look forward to hanging with you,

Team Lazy with BluesKitchen Stuttgart