Level and Classes


Let's be lazy in the daytime!

Have you been dancing for quite a while and are you looking forward to every chance to dance? Are you comfortable with the concept of leading and following? Do you enjoy improvising to the music and adapting to both a new dance partner and the music with each and every new song? Do you always want to find out more about how to have even more relaxed dances, how to savor every movement and how to become one with the music? Then Lazy Blues is your perfect match!!!


As a passionate Lazy Blueser you will have six hours of classes during the weekend: two hours with Adamo & Vicci and one hour with Rachel on both Saturday and Sunday.

If you feel comfortable with the concept of lead and follow and love to express the music through your moves, if you are a regular and passionate dancer with a wide range of ways to express what you hear and feel throughout your body, then register for "passionate". We will split up attendees to form two groups who will be taught more or less the same class material.


For those of you, who started  exploring blues dancing only recently, we suggest a three-hour beginner-class to get into the right Lazy Blues mood. If you have been dancing for a while, already feel quite comfortable leading or following and are curious about how to slow down and smooth out your dancing, then register for "joyful". You will get inspiring input from Adamo & Vicci on Friday and from Rachel on Saturday.

If you are a complete beginner, who just recently found out that blues dancing could be your new favorite on the dance floor, we kindly recommend finding yourself workshops and classes for newbies elsewhere (e.g. https://www.blueskitchenstuttgart.de/workshops/). We will be happy to welcome you to Lazy Blues next year.


Passionate classes will be held at Tanzstudio Medina, Kleemannstra├če 6 in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt.

Joyful classes will be at the Atelier, the homebase of BluesKitchen Stuttgart, at Ameisenbergstra├če 82 in Stuttgart-Ost.